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Antony was recommended to me by a friend, a young woman with her own business for whom he created an excellent website. Having researched other web designers in South Africa and Stockholm, and having seen his work, I chose him to help me create my own online culture and travel magazine.

I am a “mature” musicologist, English tutor, creative writer and journalist. To realise the vision of my own online magazine, in which I could indulge my passions for writing, culture and travel, and to enjoy as a creative outlet and engaging pastime, was no easy task. There was much terminology, and many IT techniques, that I had to learn from scratch. In addition, I am based in Stockholm and Cape Town, and Antony works from Wales in the UK.

However, geographical distance became of no consequence as Antony walked me through the whole process. With infinite patience and empathy he helped me prepare the groundwork. This included, apart from a great deal of background research of my own, advice and guidance from Antony: He provided me with online video tutorials, there were some skype calls, and many exchanged e-mails. It has been the most empowering experience, accomplishing IT feats and mastering techniques that many of my contemporaries are unable to do. (My adult daughters are highly impressed with their mother’s skills!)

Antony was quick to understand my vision, and to enable my dream to be realised. He taught me how to send him bulk images through Dropbox, and prepared my website exactly as I had imagined it: text and images beautifully compiled and composed. He also designed my logo, which turned out far better than any I had explored.

Getting the website finally launched was one thing, maintaining it is quite another. Antony protects my site from hackers, makes constant checks and updates, and attends to numerous tasks “backstage”, of which I am usually unaware.

Antony is always available to answer “stupid” questions, help me when the site appears to me to be problematic in any way, and makes changes according to my requests when I request them. All literally at the drop of an e-mail.

Antony’s annual fee is very fair, and extremely good value for money.

Antony is also impeccably mannered at all times, conducting his correspondence with quiet calm, dignified respect, and infinite patience.

I HIGHLY recommend Antony, not just as a business partner, in a sense, but also as a willing and kind “IT friend”, who is ALWAYS there for me when I need him.

See to peruse Antony’s fantastic artistry and talent for eye-catching design.

Elizabeth Handley

Owner, Joie de Vivre Magazine